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Karlie Causey


Sports Chiropractic Physician

Masters in Exercise & Sports Science

Active Release Technique Full Body

Graston Certified Practitioner

BareFoot Training Specialist

Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS)

CrossFit Level 2

RockTape - FMT Level I & II

Dr. Karlie enjoys working with athletes of all sports, those with an active lifestyle, as well as patients simply looking to improve their health. she combines all of her education and experiences to fully evaluate each patient and aid in returning them to proper biomechanical function and assist with performance enhancement. Dr. Karlie is a full-body certified Active Release Technique (ART®) practitioner, utilizes kinesiotaping and Rocktape techniques, Stecco Fascial Manipulation and is Graston certified. She is also a level 2 Crossfit trainer and Certified Barefoot training Specialist. Dr. Karlie specializes especially in shoulder injuries and shoulder rehab. She also spends her free time working as one of the chiropractors for the Seattle Seawolves Professional Rugby team, as well as one of the local medical directors for the AVP (professional beach volleyball). Dr. Karlie is continually striving to learn and excel in all areas of practice to ensure the best possible care for her patients.


Mike Ross


Sports Chiropractic Physician

Active Release Technique  Master & Full Body

BareFoot Training Specialist

USAW Level II Advanced Sports Performance Coach

Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

CrossFit Endurance & CrossFit Level I

RockTape FMT Level I & II Instructor

Utilizing many tools from a very thorough clinical toolbox, an office visit with Dr. Ross spans a complete course of care from Chiropractic Treatment to Exercise Rehabilitation to Manual Therapy and Kinesio-Taping Therapeutics.  Dr. Ross specializes in rehabilitation of Hip, Shoulder, and Low Back injuries and/or dysfunctions.  His evidence based researched clinical protocols and exercise rehabilitation combined with 23 years of clinical experience, give him a solid foundation and well respected reputation of providing exceptional care for all ranges of patients.  Whether you are just getting active, recovering from an injury, or an athlete looking to improve performance, Dr. Ross (with the assistance of his exceptional staff) can you get you on the right track and feeling better while performing better right away!

Nate Moore


Sports Chiropractic Physician

Functional Range Release Provider

Graston Level 2

FMS/SFMA level 2

Rocktape FMT

Graston level 2/Rock Blades

TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training

Stecco Fascial Manipulation level 2


Dr. Moore has been treating athletes for years, both professional and weekend warrior alike.  Having suffered a low back injury in his 20’s, which resolved quickly through chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation, he knows firsthand the importance of getting the proper treatment. He had the opportunity to work hand in hand with physical therapists and physiatrist while at Valencia Sports Medicine in southern California. Dr. Moore continues to take courses that will improve his clinical skill and speed the recovery of his patients. He also spends some of his free time as one of the 3 chirpractors for the Seattle Seawolves Rugby team. Dr. Moore utilizes soft tissue mobilization, Graston technique, Rocktape, and corrective exercise as well as chiropractic care to treat the source of the problem and not just addressing the pain.

Austin Bell


Sports Chiropractic Physician

CrossFit Level I

TRX Suspension Training Instructor

Dr. Bell has been in the sports and fitness industry for over 6 years prior to chiropractic school, ranging from personal training, sports specific conditioning, CrossFit coaching,
TRX instructing, natural body-building, and volleyball coaching.

She finished her undergraduate degree with a background in medical research pertaining to blood glucose effects on healing and has a special interest in nutrition for performance and wellness.



Peter Smalley LMP

Licensed Massage Therapist

Peter is the newest member of our team, but he is definitely NOT NEW to many forms of Therapeutic Massage Therapy.  Peter brings a very experienced and diverse background of techniques to our clinic, that are highly effective and able to create significant change in the soft tissues of the body.  His clinical expertise is only matched by his scientific approach to Massage Therapy.  Whether you are looking for relaxation or intense therapeutic effects, Peter has the expertise and quality manual skills needed. 


Kristie Jacobs LMP

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kristie graduated from SPU with a bachelors in physical education. While in undergrad she was also a part of the track and field team. After her collegiate career, she continued on with massage school at Renton Technical College. Kristie’s main goal is to tailor your massage based on your needs, whether that means focusing on a specific injury or an area of discomfort. When not in the office you can find Kristie spending time with her husband of 33 years or her two daughters.












Katherine Ollenbrook

Front Desk/Clinic Admin


Ashley Aasal

Office & Billing Manager