Inside out Risk?!?!


If you are interested in determining your risk of disease from the "inside out" you should join us at our Health & Fitness Fair on January 27th, 10am - 3pm.

In addition to our physical injury risk assessments, at our Health & Fitness Fair on January 27th, 10am - 3pm, we will be offering the opportunity for individuals to get a simple blood draw from Dr. Ryan Campbell, ND, LAc.

Dr. Campbell will preform the simple blood draw at the Fair, and then when he gets the results from the Lab a few days afterwards, he will follow-up with a 30min phone call to advise you on the results.  The blood draw will include:

  • Complete blood count (red and white blood cell counts)
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel (includes blood sugar, electrolytes, liver and kidney function)
  • Lipid panel (total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, non-HDL)
  • TSH (general thyroid function)

Fasting 9-12 hours before would be ideal, but not 100% necessary. Not fasting will potentially affect fasting blood sugar and triglycerides; but if we know the individual hasn’t been fasting we can interpret the labs appropriately.

This complete, but simple blood draw, with the 30 minute follow-up phone call, which can normally cost upwards of $200, is only $45 at our Health & Fitness Fair.

If you would like to schedule your time to get this blood draw, sign up through our website <here>