What's Your Risk?!?!?

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In 1964, Jørgen Hansen conducted a study in which he found a simple test, that requires no special equipment, that can determine an individuals risk of developing Low Back Trouble (pain, dysfunction, weakness, etc.).  Since then, numerous other studies including the landmark study by Biering-Sorensen in 1984, have examined the validity, reliability, and reproducibility of the original work by Hansen.

This simple test is now referred to as the "Gold Standard" to determine an individual's risk of developing Low Back Trouble for up to a year afterwards.

At our Health & Fitness Fair on January 27th, 10am - 3pm we will be offering the opportunity for individuals to take this simple test, and from there be giving specific HomeWork on how to decrease your risk.

If you would like to participate in the Free Assessment sign up through our website <here>.



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