Coaching with Dr. Ross

As an NSCA certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, USA Triathlon coach, USA Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Level 1 & CrossFit Endurance Coach, BareFoot Training Specialist, as well as Sports Chiropractor and Manual Therapist, when you train with Dr. Ross you get the highest quality level of injury prevention, performance nutrition, and challenging workouts and schedules.

Training is designed around a monthly schedule.  Whether you choose to train with Dr. Ross once, twice, or 4 times per month, you will get a daily training schedule planned out a minimum of 3 months in advance.  Your level of monthly one-on-one time commitment will depend first upon your personal preference and then based upon recommendation from Dr. Ross in order to best achieve your goals.

In addition to your personal sessions with Dr. Ross your schedule will be a detailed and structured plan of specific workouts (consisting of specific movements, times, and injury prevention measures) and personal video(s) for you to utilize in your own gym and/or workout environment.  Also, specific and detailed nutrition guidance and plans are included with every training package.  Ongoing maintenance and goal setting of health, nutrition, and fitness training is an integral part of the "DrTri" package.

Whether you are rehab'ing from an injury, training for an Ironman, or simply wanting to play catch with your dog and/or grandkids, Dr. Ross will design a quality workout and detailed schedule to match your needs and goals.

A hallmark of training with Dr. Ross is that, most often, no fancy equipment is needed.  In fact, the most challenging workouts for any level have quite often been those utilizing a simple broomstick, balance board, and heavy object (i.e. medicine ball or handweight).  You do not need to join a gym.  All coached workouts with Dr. Ross include use of the SODO CrossFit - Endurance facilitiy at no extra charge.